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Brogue are Brigitte Rodrigues and David Scobie. They have been playing music together since 2001 and formed the idea for Brogue in early 2005. They have spent most of their lives living in Zimbabwe, Africa, although David was born in Dundee, Scotland. His parents moved to Zimbabwe, then called Rhodesia, when he was eight years old. Brigitte gains Scottish blood from her mother's side of the family, originating from Durness, Scotland and Portuguese blood from her father who came from Santa Cruz in Madeira.

Brogue have recorded and released the following albums to date: 'Rhythm Of The Celts', which won them a Silver Disc Award in the UK in recognition of sales achieved, presented to them by Ronnie Browne of The Corries. The second album is called 'Girls And Strong Whisky', the third 'Celtic Beat' and their latest, the 'Scottish Songbook' 6 CD collection!
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Brogue plays all the instruments heard on their albums as well as doing all their own recording, producing, arrangements and vocals. They still have many more projects in the pipeline for the future and are looking forward to giving listeners as much material as their creativity will allow.

Brogue - Brigitte Rodrigues and David Scobie

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